Our Links with the Hart Schools Trust

The Hart Schools Trust (formerly the North Hertfordshire Studio School Trust) is a growing multi-academy trust currently responsible for operating the Thomas Alleyne Academy in Stevenage and two studio schools, the Da Vinci Studio School of Science and Engineering in Stevenage, and the Da Vinci Studio School of Creative Enterprise in Letchworth.

The Hart Schools Trust (HST) was established in September 2011 as an Exempt Charity (regulated by the Secretary of State for Education). The Trust’s Members are North Hertfordshire College Further Education Corporation and up to two persons appointed by North Hertfordshire College Further Education Corporation.

Members of the Trust appoint the Trustees (shown below) who in turn have appointed local governors to each of the schools' local governing bodies. Information about the Local Governors of the Thomas Alleyne Academy can be found on this page.

Hart Schools Trust Trustees

Andrew Simmons
Chair and Director of HST
Appointed February 2012
Appointed Chair of HST October 2016
Dr Geoff Cleverdon
Vice Chair and Director of HST
Appointed September 2012
Appointed Vice Chair of HST March 2015 
Matt Hamnett
HST Director
CEO and Principal of North Herts College
Appointed March 2015
Jonathan Ellam
Chair of LGB for Thomas Alleyne Academy
HST Director
Appointed February 2016 
Gary Phillips
HST Director, Executive Director
Quality and Innovation for North Herts College
Chair of joint LGB for HST
Appointed February 2016
Mark Lewis
HST Director and Managing Director 
Appointed December 2013
Jane Winterbone
HST Director
Appointed March 2016


Registered office address: Town Hall, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 3PF
Company Registration Number: 07791933