The Thomas Alleyne Academy Pupil Premium Expenditure

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The Thomas Alleyne School Pupil Premium Expenditure 2016-2017


For the academic year April 2016-march 2017, the amount of funding received per pupil premium students was £900. In total the Academy received £ 192,600.

Pupil Premium Policy

Pupil Premium

The Thomas Alleyne Academy Pupil Premium Expenditure 2016

The Thomas Alleyne Academy receives a Pupil Premium Grant for students who currently claim Free School Meals or have claimed FSM in the last six years, for any Looked After Children and for those children of armed service personnel. The premium is an allocation of funding provided to schools to support these specific groups of children who are considered to be vulnerable to possible underachievement. The school uses the funds to promote equality of opportunity by ensuring that timely and specific intervention supports identified students to achieve their potential and ensure there is no gap in achievement between particular groups.

Our pupil premium advocacy is via the pastoral team led by the Assistant Headteacher, Guidance & Support. Pupil progress is monitored through analysis of the snapshot data three times a year and is monitored by the Progress Coordinators and the tutors. Teachers will report on a child’s progress at parents’ evenings. Parents may ask at any time what support is available or what strategies are being used if their child is not achieving their potential in a subject, by contacting the subject teacher or the Progress Coordinator for their year group.

We are required to publish online information about how we have used the pupil premium. We guarantee parents that all matters regarding use of the Pupil Premium Fund are treated with discretion and in confidence.

The Thomas Alleyne Academy Pupil Premium Grant for 2013-14 is £900 each student who has claimed FSM in the last six years and each Child Looked After and £300 for service children. We have 155 students for whom we receive funding amounting to a total of £139,500. The school maps provision and allocates funding as part of its development plan and it prioritises allocation of funding for:

 ·         Additional in-school and out-of-school provision of an alternative curriculum to support specific needs of learners

 ·         Tracking and monitoring student progress

 ·         Implementing teaching and learning strategies that promote progress

 ·         One to one support for emotional well-being and engagement

 ·         Small group interventions for students behind in a particular skill

 ·         Additional support for students with special educational needs

 ·         Coaching sessions in tutor time

 ·         Designing professional development on the latest teaching and learning strategies that are known to accelerate progress

 ·         Mentoring and stretching students already doing well

 ·         Enrichment activities both before and after school and at lunch time

 ·         Discretionary financial support for trips and activities

 ·         Organising events to help parents support their children and help them make progress