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Good Fresh Food Guide

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Welcome to the school meal page. Hertfordshire Catering is proud to provide nutritious, tasty and great value food to the staff and learners of The Thomas Alleyne School .

Please click on this link to see the weekly menus (3 week rotation) that the school follows.

Menus are circulated to all form tutors each week to place on their form notice boards.

Other useful information

The School Food Trust - Details on the standards set in school meals

The latest School Food Trust ‘Eat Better Do Better’ is now available to download.

In this issue:

  • Packed lunches hit the headlines again.
  • Price promotions could be the key to get parents to chose school meals
  • Our new guide to achieving efficiency
  • We are among the very first national organisations chosen to receive funding from the People’s Health Trust,
  • We’ve launched our new shop

and much more…

You can read this Eat Better Do Better online, in full using the following link: