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We will have extra enrolment dates for Sixth Form on Monday 4th September between 10-11am and 2-3pm and Tuesday 5th September between 2-4pm.

If you have reconsidered your sixth form options and have not already made an application to join us: please call us for a guidance meeting. We will continue to advise students regarding entry into sixth form until September 30th. Please call our direct line number and ask for Mrs Newbery. 01438344341

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Sixth Form Admissions

Entry Requirements

Financial Assistance

You could get a bursary to help with education-related costs if you’re aged 16 to 19 and:
  • studying at school or college (not university) in England
  • on a training course, including unpaid apprenticeships


Useful Information          

Welcome from our Head of Sixth Form

A Levels are an important stepping stone to your future and we want to support and guide you through this process. As young adults in the Sixth Form you are a part of the whole school community as well as the wider community of the Partnership and, because of this, we expect your support in helping the younger students by setting a good example and being a positive role model. An important part of your role is to help in the running of the school through the Student Parliament and by volunteering to support in lessons and homework clubs. This will contribute to your development as a young adult and support your future university and job applications.

We are a rapidly growing Sixth Form; we are passionate about focusing on each individual and getting to know every individual student’s personality, strengths and areas for development . We know that we can support all students to achieve their best. We appreciate that making the decision to join our Sixth Form is a big step as it affects your whole future. Choosing the right pathway at this stage will enable you to achieve your full potential and ambition.

Please look at the prospectus and if you have any questions, queries or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. I look forward to meeting you to discuss your plans and hope that you will be joining us in the near future.

Ms J Lewis 

I'm interested in A-Levels and Level 3 BTEC qualifications

From September 2017 we are delighted to announce that we will be joining with Barnwell school in Stevenage to increase the range of subjects that we offer students. This exciting new partnership will broaden the range of A-Level and BTEC courses on offer to students in Stevenage. All subjects that follow a two year programme are complemented by a range of study skills and enrichment activities. 

Level 2 and level 3 Vocational and Apprenticeship programmes are available through our partnership with North Herts College/Hart Learning and Development.

Film Studies Media Studies
 Subject Basic Requirements Additional Requirements
Computer Science                                    
5 GCSEs grade C or above including a 5 in Maths and 
English Language                                                           
4 grade in English
5 grade in Maths
English Literature 
The following courses:
As recommended by standard entry requirements for A levels

B OR 5 grade in English Lit
Film Studies B OR 5 grade in English Lit
Geography 5 grade in English Language
History 5 grade in English Language
Law 5 grade in English Language
Media Studies 5 grade in English Language
Psychology Minimum GCSE average point score of 55
5 in English Language
5 grade in Maths
5 (B) grade in Sciences 
5 grade in English Language
The following Sciences:
5 GCSEs grade C or above, to include 5 in Maths and 4 in English Language  
B or 5 grade in Science (including Biology)
5 grade in Maths
Chemistry  B or 5 grade in Science (including Chemistry)
5 grade in Maths
Physics              B or 5 grade in Science (including Physics)
5 grade in Maths
Maths and Further
Maths - 5 (higher mark towards 7 preferred) in Maths
Further - 7 grade in Maths (there must be evidence to indicate that student is very able mathematically)
Economics        5 GCSEs grade C or above, to include 5 in Maths and English Language  5 grade in GCSE Maths and English
English Language
and Literature
5 GCSEs grade C or above, to include 4 in Maths and English Language  
Art Photography B grade in GCSE Art
Art & Design B grade in GCSE Art
French B grade in French
Drama 5 GCSEs grade C or above, to include 4 in Maths and grade 5 in English Language
B grade in GCSE Drama
Philosophy  B grade in GCSE RE
BTEC Level 3 Science
Single Award
5 GCSEs including English and Maths at grade 4 C grade in GCSE Science
BTEC Level 3 Music 
Single Award
GCSE Music or aptitude based on teacher reference
BTEC Level 3 Health and
Social Care Single Award
BTEC Level 3 Information Technology  GCSE Computer Science or aptitude on teacher reference
BTEC Sports Studies
Single Award
Aptitude on teacher reference
BTEC Business Studies
Single Award
Preferred aptitude from GCSE Business Studies

Learning with the Partnership

The A level study skills programme is unique to the Academy, providing students with a full range of enriching activities that aim to develop the skills required to be independent and successful in the work place.

Mentoring - Learning to Lead

We expect all sixth form students to commit to being part of the school community by volunteering to mentor junior students. This provides a valuable opportunity for sixth form students to develop collaborative working experiences and to enhance both communication skills and a sense of social responsibility. Through working with teaching staff and students we expect our students to develop as leaders with responsible attitudes to work and helping others. We anticipate that our students will go into the world of work better equipped to treat others with mutual respect and understanding.


Our students are able to engage in activities designed to retain and develop skills they may have learnt through whole school club activities. These include a range of Sports, Drama, Music and Dance. The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme aims to enhance the student experience by giving them access to a range of opportunities to develop employability and ‘work ready’ skills.

University advice and guidance is available to students through ‘one2one’ tuition and support. The core curriculum is enhanced by a range of opportunities to enjoy, e.g. the theatre, museums and institutions that facilitate a broad understanding of equality and diversity. Our debating club encourages students to develop problem solving and critical thinking.

Student Parliament

We are committed to developing the skills of our students that will enable them to go into the world as responsible people who expect to be successful in the path they chose. Sixth form students are encouraged to take an active part in participating and leading Student Parliament. We hope to develop students who will want to be active participants in citizenship at a local and national level because they have had experiences that enable them to understand how to actively participate in positive change.

Learning Coaches

Learning Coaches are crucial to enabling each student to manage their progress and achieve outcomes that reflect their potential. They are an integral part of course teams, working with Course Team Leaders, and support staff to deliver an engaging learning experience that prepares students for their next step and helps them to realise their full potential.

Learning Coaches play a key role in working with students to develop their personal learning plans. This takes place in ‘one-to-one’ coaching sessions on a regular basis that is appropriate for each individual student and will provide students with the opportunity to negotiate their own personal goals and reflect upon progress.

  • They provide academic, as well as personal support, to enable students to develop ‘Expert Student Skills’ allowing them to become successful independent learners. They also support students to develop longer term goals that promote appropriate destination outcomes linked to either employment or future study, including UCAS workshops and careers guidance.

  • UCAS and careers guidance and support is also offered in-depth to students on a ‘one-to-one’ basis. Students whose destination is higher education are given expert instruction and step-by-step assistance in drafting and completing personal statements, the UCAS application form, and finally assistance with completing their Student Loan applications.

  • Students wishing to follow alternative pathways are supported with CVs and advice with apprenticeships, if requested. Throughout the academic year additional support is organised in the form of an Enrichment Programme.

  • Each week, outside speakers are invited to give presentations to all our sixth form students on a vast variety of topics. We have been fortunate enough to secure several eminent speakers at these events. Learning Coaches work with all education staff to ensure the curriculum is holistic, integrated and fully prepares students for the next steps in their chosen path.

  •  B OR 5 garde in English Lit
     B OR 5 garde in English Lit
    5 grade in English Language
    5 grade in English Language

    5 GCSEs grade C or above, to include 4 in Maths and
    grade 5 in English Language