How can you earn House Points?

High Attendance

Represent the academy at sports fixtures

Represent the Academy at external events
Attend Academy trips


Compete in the Haven Competition 

 Take Art in the Academy Fun Run

Gain Achievement Points in Lessons 

Good Attendance and Punctuality 

Compete in Subject Competitions 

Achieve Zero Behaviour Logs  Attend Extra-Curricular Clubs 

House Point Scores

                                           Darwin                                    Franklin                             Newton            

Charity Days

Charity Fundraising Success

At the end of year assembly in July 2014, Thomas Alleyne’s were pleased to hand over a cheque for £1,174.07 to East & North Herts NHS Trust Charitable Fund.  Lois Nnanna and Myles Catley, recipients of Head of House awards, handed the cheque to Coral Murphy from the Lister Hospital Magic of Play Appeal. Coral explained to the students how the money will help improve the experience of young adults needing care at the Lister. The new facilities will include a teenagers’ area with two PCs and Wi-Fi access for homework and a sensory space for children who need calming or distracting prior to or post treatment.

The money was raised through non-uniform events, bake sales, sponge the teachers, penalty shoot outs, space hopper races and other fun games. 

Newton House £321.17

Darwin House £392.24

Franklin House £420.66

Houses Charity Fundraising Success Powerpoint played in Assemblies July 2014 - click here.


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