Darwin House

Motto: ‘to try our best as we know it is survival of the fittest’

Key people within Darwin House:

  • Head of School - Mr K Luchies
  • Head of House - Mr N Islam/Miss D Kwiatowski
Form Tutors Other Staff
11D1 Mr D Visser Mrs C Brownjohn
11D2 Mr  S Hayden Mrs K Prince
10D3 Mr K Davey Mrs D Perry
10D4 Mr A Dewart Mrs K Benoy
9D5 Ms J Flanagan/Mrs K Barfoot Mrs C Hayman
9D6 Mr J Luchies Miss L Huckett
9D7 Miss K Burke Mrs S Pike
8D8 Ms A Brotherton Ms L Swain
8D9 Mr M Cox Ms V Leahy
7D10 Mr B Fox
Mr L Weier
7D12 Miss M Burgess  


  • Mr R Luxton

House Charity

The McMillan nurses who do sterling work for respite care and for terminally ill patients.