Newton House

House slogan - standing on the shoulders of giants

Key people within Newton House:

  • Head of School - Ms H Russell
  • Head of House - Mrs N Hinch
Form Tutors Other Staff
11N1 Mr A Smith Ms A Skotnicka
11N2 Mr G Bagshaw Mrs L Carson
10N3 Ms J Banks Mrs K Ness
10N4 Ms V Scoles/Ms T Rickards Miss E Warr
9N5 Ms S Fitton Mrs L Gray
9N6 Ms N Walton/Ms J Rowland Mr S Parker
9N7 Ms B Gibbons Ms Wellings
8N8 Mr P Fauquemberg  Mr D Johnson
8N9 Ms V Maddox Mrs S Clark
7N10  Mr R Vidal  Mrs L Dowle
7N11  Ms E Warr  


  • Mr H Crompton
  • Mr A Browne
  • Mr J Ellam