The Library has a networked catalogue and Library Management System called Students can access a version of this called the Reading Cloud which can be used
 to search for books, read and write book reviews and to help with their research. As well as showing which books are in stock, there are also web links which can be accessed directly from the catalogue. The Reading Cloud App can be downloaded free of charge in the Apple Store or Google Play or accessed by clinking on the quick link above



click here for Reading Cloud Instructions

The Library

The Library is run by Mrs Sanderson

Opening Hours: 8.00-4.10 Monday to Thursday; 8.00-3.30 Friday

Home Learning Club runs from 3.15 to 4.15 Monday to Thursday

Students are welcomed with a drink and a biscuit and can use the library computers and books to help with their home learning projects.

The library has about 14,000 books and 16  networked computers, as well as 13 laptops.

The library has two main roles, to promote reading for pleasure and to support teachers and students with research based learning across the curriculum.


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