Literacy and Maths Focus

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Here at The Thomas Alleyne Academy, we are always striving to help our students develop and improve their literacy skills in every subject across the curriculum.  Our students understand the importance of being effective communicators, not just in their reading and writing skills, but through their speaking and listening skills too.  We want to empower all our students to feel confident in their literacy skills, within the classroom and in the wider world too.

Students are given opportunities to engage in literacy activities in a wide range of situations, from whole school focuses introduced regularly during tutor time to extra-curricular activities such as our 'Alleyne's Readers' Club and the discussion and debating sessions held fortnightly across the academy.

Every student is encouraged to read for pleasure too, and our librarian works hard to keep the library well-stocked with a wide range of reading materials, including fiction and non-fiction, and from the classics through to the most up-to-date teenage reads.  Students engage in a range of activities designed to promote reading, including weekly library lessons and our 'Mind The Gap' scheme.

For more information about how we promote literacy and communication skills at The Thomas Alleyne Academy, please contact Mrs Russell on 
 At The Thomas Alleyne Academy, we understand that mathematics is a challenging and demanding discipline.  However, the ability to engage with mathematics on a high level enables our students to enhance their future quality of life regardless of their interests or chosen career path.  We have introduced mathematics as a whole school focus sto allow students to appreciate the vital role mathematics plays in everyday life and give our students the consistency and support needed to develop these skills.

Every month, a particular focus will be delivered during form time to support mathematics understanding across the curriculum.  This message is reinforced through the school using displays, posters, activities and materials on the website.

Additionally, gifted students have the opportunity to extend and excite their mathematics learning by attending monthly workshops presented by the mathematics department.  Also, high achieving GCSE and Sixth Form students have the opportunity to become tutors to Year 11 students who are preparing for their GCSE exams.

If you would like any further information about mathematics across the curriculum please contact Mr Luchies at

We all use maths every day; to predict the weather, to tell the time, to handle money.  Maths is more than formulas or equations; it's logic, it's rationality, it's using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries we know.

Join the Discussion

During tutor time once a fortnight, students spend time discussing and debating a topic based on current affairs.

This week students have been discussing the power of poetry and the influence poems can have on the world.

Alleyne's Readers



Alleyne’s Readers: ‘I Am Malala’ Event

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.’

On Thursday 17th November 2016, every student in the academy spent lessons 3, 4 and 5 working in their tutor groups on an impressive range of activities inspired by our whole-school reading of ‘I Am Malala’.

Since handing out the books before half-term, our students have spent time reading Malala Yousafzai’s inspirational autobiography and time has been spent both in tutor time and in lessons over the past few weeks focusing on the significant impact one teenage girl can have across the world through her words and actions.

Following this work, each tutor group was then able to choose how to represent the key messages from the book by devising their own projects to work on.  Activities included the creation of papier mache models using quotations from the text, looking at the culture of Pakistan through making food and playing sport, the writing of poetry and songs inspired by Malala’s fight for children’s rights, designing prints for t-shirts to campaign for the Malala Fund and the filming of a short sketch to share Malala’s story, to name just a few!

Each tutor group was asked to create a display by the end of lesson 5 which could then be judged for first, second and third prizes per year group in a competition to win lots of house tokens.  The entries were very impressive and the final decisions were very difficult to make.  Darwin won the most prizes, earning 150 tokens in total, with Newton achieving 80 tokens and Franklin earning 70 tokens.  Many students were also rewarded with a wealth of merits and postcards in recognition of their hard work during the event.

This year’s Alleyne’s Readers event was another great success, with so many important lessons being learnt along the way, and we’re already looking forward to the event again next year!







World Book Day




To celebrate World Book Day this year we held lots of events during library lessons and in tutor time to share our love of reading across the school.  This culminated in an academy-wide competition where students had to identify lots of different authors, with clues being worn by all our members of staff throughout the day.

Break and lunch time was spent with students trying to find the right answers and by the end of the day, we received over 150 entries!

All those that entered the competition received achievement points and each student that got every single answer correct was entered into a prize-draw to win WHSmith vouchers.

·    It  was lovely to see so many students getting involved in the events and it was a great reminder of how many fantastic books are out there for us to enjoy!

Literacy Focus


We are currently focusing on our writing skills and making sure that every student FLAPs for every writing task they are set. 

What is FLAP?

  •      Form - firstly, identify what format your writing needs to take e.g. is it a recipe, a newspaper article, a leaflet etc?
  •      Language - next, make sure you know what type of language you should use for the task (formal or informal?)
  •      Audience - then identify who you are writing for
  •      Purpose -  and finally, make sure you know why you are writing

Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation we have been using to encourage every student to FLAP before they write.