Student Parliament

Two representatives from each year group form and run the Student Parliament. They enable the student body to have a ‘voice’ regarding key matters in school such as:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Health and Safety
  • Represent the school at external events within the community·
  • Youth Conferences
  • Liaise with Sixth Form

The Student Parliament meet once every half term and their duties include liaising with TASA (The Thomas Alleyne School Parents’ Association) involving fund raising events; supporting students in lower years and mentoring regarding anti-bullying, academic mentoring and support and guidance. They also speak to minority groups, e.g. Specific Learning Difficulties; they help students from overseas and disabled students.

Representatives of the Student Parliament take turns in giving votes of thanks at Prize Giving Evenings and attend Governing Body meetings to represent the student voice. More recently they have also been requested to participate in the student panel interviews for new staff appointments.

They are a very important and integral group of young people who are passionate about learning, their school and their community.

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