Head Boy, Head Girl and Senior Students


Head Boy


 Hi, I am Myles Catley and I am the new Head Boy of this Academy. I am currently studying Maths, History and     Psychology for my A levels. I hope to improve relations between the lower school and the sixth form. In my free time, I enjoy watching TV shows such as Arrow.




Head Girl


 I’m Elena Palmer and I’m the new Head Girl of Thomas Alleynes. I’m in the middle of studying Maths, Biology and Psychology A level. By the end of my term, I wish to improve the student voice. My main passion is dance, I attend ballet, pointe, modern and jazz lessons weekly.



Deputy Head Girl


My name is Joanne, and I’m studying English Literature, History, and Sociology. I’m going to be working with Year 8’s and with Teaching & Learning. I love reading, and want to work with the students to help improve the already good student experience within the school.





My name is Chloe Warren and I attend the Thomas Alleyne’s sixth form. I am studying Sociology, Media studies and Film studies. As part of the student parliament, I am working on teaching and learning and with the year 7’s. I believe that a quality learning environment will allow the students to reach their full potential




Hi, my name is Lily and I study Psychology, Sociology and Film Studies. I was previously an Alleyne’s student and have stayed on at the school for sixth form. I know the school very well and I am familiar with the staff and students. I am focussing on the community within student parliament and hope to improve the school community as a whole. I am goal orientated and strive to make the student parliament as helpful as possible.




I am Ashleigh Emson and I’m currently studying Law, Sociology and Film Studies. In student parliament I am focusing on the community and with year 8's. I am looking to study forensic psychology at university and being a senior student will help equip me with the skills necessary to do so, such as team working which is a core skill developed in being a senior student.




My name is Lois Nnanna. I'm in Year 12 and I study English Literature, Sociology and Psychology here at Thomas Alleyne Academy. My main focus area for Student Parliament is Trips and Activities and I will be closely working with Year 7s.




Hello, my name is Mary Knight and I joined the Thomas Alleyne Academy in September 2015. I study English Literature, Media Studies and History. I have had experience helping out in the community in my old school as I was Library Assistant for four years. I will be helping out in year 8 and planning trips and activities.




Hello my name is Shanise Onyach. I joined Alleynes in September 2015 and am currently studying Law, Sociology and History at A levels. In the future I would like to be lawyer because it’s an opportunity to help others in every situation. I will be helping Year 10 and the Academy’s behaviour for learning.




My name is Abi Sawdy and I am studying English literature, Law and Film studies. My main focus areas are trips and activities and Year 7. I joined in Year 12 and am really enjoying the school, I have settled in well with my peers. In the future I hope to be part of the English industry as either a writer or a publisher.




Hello, my name is Bleona Daullja, I joined Alleynes last September from Camden School for Girls in London. I study A level English Literature, Film Studies and Sociology. Outside of school I take part in performing arts at Queen Mother Theatre. In the future I would like to attend University to complete an acting degree. I joined the senior student team to gain new experiences and skills. I’ll be focussing on behaviour for learning and with Year 10.




Hello my name is Robbie Barrow and I’m studying Sociology, Law and History. I am focusing mainly on leaning and behaviour as well as Year 9. I travel quite a distance to get into school each day, around 45 minutes. I am interested in grime music and I am fascinated by artists who are lyrical geniuses within rap in general.




Hello my name is Matthew Hall; I am currently studying English Literature, Sociology and History. I will be working with the year 9’s and will be focusing on the school environment. I also work with younger English students to help support them and hopefully give them a passion for reading. I previously attended Marriotts School but transferred here for my A levels.




Hi, my name is Kirsty and I am working on the community aspects of student parliament. I hope to improve the community at school as well as the school’s relationship with the surrounding town. I am studying History, Psychology and English literature. I aim to be a psychologist in the future and one of my main strengths is helping other people.




Hello, my name is Gileta Simanaviciute and I became a student at Alleynes in September 2015, I currently study Biology, English and Psychology. I have had experience in dealing with students below me and their issues as I was a Prefect in year 11. My main interest is in mentoring and helping children develop into young adults.



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