Creating a Positive Learning Environment 2017

  1. Review of Celebrating Success
  2. Progress Awards
  3. Year group celebrations
  4. Review trips and enrichment 


Governors Bids

  1. Sixth Form common room upgrade, we purchased screens and speakers.
  2. Upgraded the bike racks. 
  3. TASA assisted with outdoor games, we purchased a giant chess set and connect4.
  4. There will be display cases put up to showcase student work.


Head Teacher Question Time

Head teacher's question time takes place on the first Monday of each month and 8:40am. Here's what has recently been discussed:

  1. Litter strategy: There is now a new reward system for litter pickers. Students who help pick litter at the end of lunch will receive a merit.
  2. The local council award bit for more equipment. 
  3. Arts project for litter awareness.
  4. There will be question boxes placed in forms to take to the head teacher during question time.
  5. We have reviewed the charity days.
  6. We have reviewed the academy's fundraising strategy. 


Stevenage Educational Trust

  1. Thomas Alleyne Student Parliament: Town wide litter strategy and competition for awareness campaign.
  2. Student Parliament visited Cavendish Road Refuse Site.
  3. Environment projects: Litter awareness/recycling and pond clearance project. 
  4. May SET: Student well being across the town.


Senior Students

  1. Congratulations to Oliver Hazell and George Cole, head students and leaders of new senior student team.
  2. Student Parliament Project 2017.18
  3. Heritage Day: Planned activities week and throughout academic year.
  4. Parent anticipation project: Enterprise and engagement.


Forthcoming Events

  • HT QT: Monday 24th April 8:30am in the Study Suite.
  • SET Student Parliament: Monday 15th May
  • Thomas Alleyne Parliament meetings: April 20th and July 7th 1:30pm in C5.
  • Senior Student meetings: Thursday 27th April and Monday 1st July 1:30pm in the Study Skills Suite.
  • Senior Student SLT Briefing: Thursday 4th May at 3:30pm in the Conference Centre 


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