Key Stage 3 Technology

Design Technology: Each year is taught on a rotational basis with all students spending about a term in Food Technology, Resistant Materials and one other subject from outside of our department (in brackets), sharing the same theme or topic .          



Art:  Lessons are timetable for all children throughout the whole year, covering the following themes:

 Year 7;  Aboriginal Art.  Flags & Symbolism.  Observational drawing.

 Year 8:  Picasso.  Textures.  Landscapes

.Year 9:  Pop Art.  Keith Haring.  Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


Year 7 topic: ‘Health & Safety’ (PSHE)

Resistant Materials

Food Technology

Plastic Key Fob

Wooden pencil box

Breakfast projects, including:

 smoothies, Muffins and Croque-monsieur


Year 8 topic: ‘Dragon’s Den’ (ICT)

Resistant Materials                          

Food Technology

Metal animals and team challenge

'The Great Egg Race’

Sauces & Gravies: white sauce, ragu, onion gravy.

Cooking with left-overs & a chilled dessert project.

Year 9 topic:  ‘All Around the World’ (Music)


Resistant Materials

Food Technology

Street food packaging and an electronics project ‘Light it up.

Multicultural Street Food & The Great British Bake Off.