Key Stage 3 History

At key stage 3 students are introduced to a wide range of topics

Year 7 Topics



 Topic covered

 Autumn Half Term 1


 What is history- an introduction to practical historical skills.

 Autumn Half Term 2


 1066 Norman Conquest - Conflict amongst those who had claims to the English throne.

 Spring Half Term 1


 Britain under the Tudors - Henry VIII and religious conflict during the Tudor period.

 Spring Half Term 2


 Britain under the Sword - Political conflict in Britain, causes and consequences of the
English Civil War.

 Summer Half Term 1


 Britain under the Tudors - Life and religious conflict in Elizabethan England

 Summer Half Term 2


 Britain at War - Political conflict, causes and consequences of the English Civil War.


Year 8 Topics - 20th Century Conflicts



Topic covered

 Autumn Half Term 1    The Industrial Revolution
 Autumn Half Term 2   Wider Impact of the Industrial Revolution - Victorian Leisure
 Spring Half Term 1   Crime and Punishment - Historical Overview
 Spring Half Term 2    Crime and Punishment - Jack The Ripper
 Summer Half Term 1   Black History - The Slave Trade
 Summer Half Term 2   Black History - The Civil Rights Movement in the USA

Year 9 Topics - 20th Century Conflicts

 Term   Topic Covered
Autumn   WW1 (Causes, consequences and social impact)
Spring Term    WW1 (Causes, consequences and social impact)
Summer Term    Outcome of WW11, Holocaust, the Cold War, Vietnam 


Key Stage 4 History

KS4 History

What is the title of this course?

  • History A The Making of the Modern World
  • Examination Board:

  • Edexcel
    What level of qualification will I gain at the end of the course?

    GCSE grades A*-G

What are the main topics I will be taught?

The course requires students to cover four individual units, each unit represents 25% of the course.

Unit 1 is an outline study of International Relations between 1900-91.  Students will focus on three key sections:

Section A: How did the Cold War develop?  1943-1956 
S ection B: Three Cold War Crises: 1957-69
Section C: Why did the Cold War end?  1970-91

Unit 2 is a Modern World Depth Study on Germany between 1918-33, which focuses on the demise of the Weimar Republic, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi State and the impact that the Nazis ideology had on Germany society.

Unit 3 is a Modern World Source Enquiry on War and the transformation of British Society 1931-51. The main areas of this study address the social impact of the Great Depression, how Britain stood alone during WWII and the response of the population, concluding with the impact of the post-war 1945 General Election.

Unit 4 Controlled Assessment:  the main areas of this unit investigate the growth, rise and changing nature of protest movements in the USA. 

What type of learning activities will I undertake?

The four units studied are designed to develop key historical/everyday life skills. Students will need to demonstrate a knowledge of key individuals and events. They will have to analyse and interpret evidence, events and outcomes. Students will be required to show a balanced understanding of these events and make informed judgments. Students will have the opportunity to visit the Imperial War Museum.

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1: a single examination lasting 1 hour 15 minutes, total 60 marks

Unit 2: a single examination lasting 1 hour 15 minutes, total 50 marks

Unit 3: a single examination lasting 1 hour 15 minutes, total 50 marks

Unit 4: This is a controlled assessment completed over a two hour period. Learners are provided with sources two weeks in advance, they have the opportunity to complete individual research and prepare for their assessment, culminating in a two hour period in which students write up their answers. This task is not carried out under exam conditions

What are the possible progression routes once I have this qualification?

Students opting for this subject will have the opportunity to develop many of the valuable life skills demanded by employers. Should students wish to extend their learning, these skills are equally valued by schools and colleges and could provide a stepping stone to university.

Key Stage 5 History

KS5 History

Career paths

History combines well with many other 'A' level subjects and is an excellent basis for many career options. The skills of source analysis, interpretation and decision making are in demand in marketing, planning, business and finance, scientific services, management and administration.

Course requirements: Grade C in GCSE History. Exam Board: AQA

New A Level

Component 1 (Breadth Study): 1H Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855-1964:

This component focuses on the social and political changes that occurred in Russia, assessing the how political authority changed and the impact of the Russian Revolution. Additionally, it investigates the rise of the Soviet Union and the impact that the Communist dictatorships had on the ideological, political, social and economic development on the country.


This component is assessed through a 2hr 30min examination and is worth 40% of the A Level.

Component 2 (Depth Study): 2S the Making of Modern Britain, 1951-2007:

This option provides for the study in depth of the key political, economic, social and international changes which have helped mould Britain in the second half of the 20th century. It explores concepts such as government and opposition, class, social division and social change. It encourages students to reflect on Britain’s changing place in the world as well as the interrelationships between political parties, economic developments and political survival.


This component is assessed through a 2hr 30min examination and is worth 40% of the A Level.


Component 3 Historical Investigation: A personal study:

This is a personal study on a topic of the student’s choice. This should take the form of a question in context of approximately 100 years. The investigation should be between 3,000-3,500 word in length.


This component is not an examination assessment, it is marked at the centre then moderated by AQA, it  is worth 20% of the A Level.


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