Philosophy and Ethics (RE)

Key Stage 3 Philosophy and Ethics

Year 7 Topics




 Topics Covered

 Autumn Term           
  • Looking at who we are and how we fit into a community
    Leading into Sikhism – who are Sikhs, what is special about their identity, how the community is important to their religious beliefs.
  • Looking at who the Gurus were and how the Guru Granth Sahib is a focal point of Sikh worship.
 Spring Term    
  • Exploring the concept that Life is a Journey and that the actions we do when we are younger may affect our future.
  • Leading into Hinduism – the idea of reincarnation, the Law of Samsara and the concept of Karma.
  • Exploring the origins of Hinduism and looking at some of the major Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
  • Looking at the principle of Ahimsa, non- violent protest, and what inspires men such as Gandhi to live their lives to bring fairness and justice to all.
 Summer Term    
  • To look at how we learn right from wrong and for religious people they turn to Holy Scriptures for guidance.
  • Leading into Islam and the significance of The 5 Pillars.
  • Exploring what Muslims believe and the importance of the prophet Muhammad.
  • Looking at a Mosque and the importance of Prayer.
  • Exploring the differences between going on holiday and on a Pilgrimage – Hajj.
  • The summer term will hopefully also incorporate a visit to both a Hindu Mandir and a Mosque.


Year 8 Topics




 Topics Covered

 Autumn  Term               
  • Looking at commitment and making promises.
  • Leading to the History of Judaism – exploring it's origins with Abraham., then Moses. Looking at Jewish Festivals such as Pesach and rites of passage such as Bar and Bat Mitzvah.
  • Exploring the history of Jewish persecution and what happened during the Holocaust.
 Spring Term    
  • Looking at the Life of Jesus – who he was, what he may have looked like.
  • Comparing different film interpretations of Jesus and how he appears in paintings and pictures.
  • Exploring the meaning of parables and the significance of Miracles.
  • Asking whether the things Jesus did were the acts of a Man or God?
  • Looking at what happened during the last week of Jesus life and why the crucifixion and resurrection are central to Christian belief.
 Summer Term    
  • Exploring what it takes to lead a happy life. Think about how meditation clears and focuses the mind.
  • Leading to the story of how a rich prince became The Buddha.
  • Looking at the concepts of Buddhism, the Four Noble Truths and The Eight Fold Path.
  • Exploring what it may be like to live like a Buddhist monk, and how shrines form a focal point for Buddhists to search for Enlightenment.
  • During the summer term there should be an opportunity to visit Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford.


Key Stage 4 Philosophy and Ethics (RE)

What is the title of this course?  Religious Studies B: Philosophy and Applied Ethics OCR J121 Short Course

What level of qualification will I gain at the end of the course?

GCSE - single award

What are the main topics I will be taught?

Students are taught about:

Unit B602: Philosophy: Good and Evil (Judaism): Concepts of good and evil; natural and moral evil; Responses to The Holocaust; Coping with suffering; Prayer; Conscience; Moral sources – The Talmud and The Torah.

Unit B602: Philosophy: Religion, Reason and Revelation (Christianity): Revelation of God in the person of Jesus; Revelation through mystical and religious experience; Significance and importance of Sacred Texts.

Unit B602: Philosophy: Religion and Science (Christianity): The relationship between scientific and religious understandings of the world and humanity; Darwinism; 6 day Creation v Big Bang theory; Attitudes to animals and their treatment; Responses to environmental issues; Concept of Stewardship.

Unit B603: Applied Ethics: Religion and Human Relationships (Islam): Roles of men and women in a Muslim family; Roles of men and women in a Mosque; Marriage; Divorce; Sexual relationships; contraception.

Unit B603: Applied Ethics: Religion and Medical Ethics (Christianity): Attitudes to abortion; Responses to issues raised by fertility treatment and cloning; Attitudes to euthanasia and suicide; Beliefs about the use of animals in medical research.

Unit B603: Applied Ethics: Religion, Poverty and Wealth (Christianity): Causes of hunger, poverty and disease; Biblical teaching about caring for others; Giving to charity; Teachings about moral and immoral occupations.

What type of learning activities will I undertake?

Opportunity to participate in Holocaust Memorial Day workshop.

Opportunity to visit to the Holocaust Gallery at Imperial War Museum .

Opportunity to visit to Sacred Texts workshop at The British Library.

Visit to local places of worship.

 How will I be assessed?

Unit B602: Philosophy: A one hour written examination paper worth 50% of the overall marks.

Unit B603: Applied Ethics: A one hour written examination paper worth 50% of the overall marks.

There is an opportunity to top up the short course to a full GCSE by attending one hour a week after school.

What are the possible progression routes once I have this qualification?

Studying RE will help you develop your awareness and understanding about a number of relevant, controversial issues that are often a cause of conflicting opinions.

It will help you develop your enquiry skills, express your opinion and learn to accept the views of others if contradictory to your own. All valuable life skills that are sort after by employers, schools or colleges, or for students who wish to extend their education.

Useful Websites ks3&4 ks4 ks3&4 (Christianity)

GCSE  There is an opportunity to top up the short course to a full GCSE by attending one hour a week after school .

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