ICT Department

Information Communications Technology concerns itself with how digital technology can help us as individuals, businesses and organisations to use information.

We’re not just interested in how to use Microsoft Office on a PC but cover any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form. While that may include personal computers, we also explore mobile devices like smart phones and tablets as well as digital television, games consoles and any other communication device we might come across.

Alongside ICT we teach Computer Science where we learn to think like a computer and to break problems down into steps that help us solve those problems. Students also learn to develop computer programs, at first visually but eventually being able to use the Java programming language used by millions of professional software developers around the world.

Key Stage 3 ICT


Year 7 Topics 

 Working with files and folders       


 Staying safe online    
 Desktop Publishing      
 Working with Sound    
 Programming in Kodu    

Year 8 Topics

 Programming in Scratch    
 Multimedia multi-pathway presentations                      
 Summer Project    

   Year 9 Topics

  Digital Devices                                                             
  Online Goods and Services      
 Developing Applications using App Inventor  
  Controlled Assessment skill building  


KS4 Topics (Edexcel GCSE):


Year 10 Topics

Controlled Assessment skill building                         
Operating Online
Issues with the use of ICT

Year 11 Topics

Controlled Assessment Mock
Controlled Assessment
Online Communities
Mock Examination


KS5 Topics (AQA A Level Computing)

Year 12

In the AS specification there are two units. Unit 1 is a practical, on-screen, examination which allows candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of the fundamental principles of the subject, focusing on programming through a problem-solving scenario using pre-release material. Unit 2 focuses on the hardware and software aspects of Computing and the social and economic consequences of Computing.

Year 13

The A2 specification builds on the content of AS, with Unit 3 focusing on computational thinking, what can be computed, programming and problem-solving including communication and networking. The second unit, Unit 4, is an internally assessed unit, with candidates required to complete a report on a computer-based programmed solution to a problem-solving exercise of their choice.


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