Learn a Musical Instrument

A team of tutors from North Herts Music Service visit The Thomas Alleyne Academy throughout the week offering individual and group lessons to students.  To download an application form please click here.

At present we offer piano, keyboard, drum kit, violin, voice, guitar (both classical and electric), bass guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet and saxophone. If the instrument you wish to learn is not on this list please do ask Mrs Merser because it may be possible to arrange lessons for you.

If you receive certain benefits you may also be eligible for remission of music fees. Apply online here or telephone 0300 123 4048.

Students are expected to have their own instrument for lessons and for practising at home. The school has a small stock of instruments that can be lent out to students who want to try out playing one before they commit to buying. You could also consider hiring an instrument from a local instrument retailer eg Britannia Music in St Albans or Stable Yard Music in Hatfield. When you do decide to go ahead and buy, you could use the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (for details click here) or buy second-hand. Always ask your instrument teacher for advice when deciding what to buy.

Download an application form here.  Print and complete it then return it to Mrs Merser, the Head of Music. You will then receive an invoice from the school bursar. When the fees have been paid tuition can start. Lessons will normally start at the beginning of a term or half-term.

Key Stage 3 Music

Students in Year 7-9 have two Music lessons per fornight.

Our Music curriculum is largely based on the Musical Futures principles and students learn mainly by participating in practical music-making, often in small groups or pairs. Performing, composing and listening & appraising skills are regularly assessed through learning about topics such as Blues, Rock n Roll, Film Soundtracks, Reggae, Minimalism and more. 

Key Stage 4 Music

Students can opt to take Music as a GCSE in Year 10 & 11. They will have five Music lessons per fortnight, plus a weekly one-to-one lesson with a specialist instrumental or vocal tutor.

Lessons at KS4 follow the OCR exam board specification and consist of a variety of performing, composing and listening & appraising activities.  

GCSE Music students are expected to take part in the wider musical life of the school eg joining extra-curricular activities, performing in assemblies and lunchtime recitals and at school events such as open evening, prize giving etc.

Lunchtime and After School Activities

Music Production Club - Tuesday lunchtime in A10 with Mr Bryant (only 10 places)

BoomTAAstix! - Wednesday lunchtime in F8 with Ms Merser

Choir - Wednesday after school until 4.10pm in F8 with Ms Merser

Orchestra - Friday after school until 4.10pm in F8 with Ms Merser

Music Department Staff

Music Department Staff


Ms C Merser – Head of Music

Mr D Bryant - Music Teacher (part-time)

Mrs B Caldecote – Vocal tutor

Mr A Denning – Drum kit tutor

Mr Robinson – Guitar & bass tutor

Mr S Oakman – Piano & keyboard tutor

Ms C Quinn – Violin & piano tutor

Mrs S Pettitt – Woodwind tutor

Mr G Nacu - Guitar tutor

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