Department Leader: Katie Bailey

In the Science Department we follow the AQA GCSE Science specifications. Our students study either combined science: Trilogy and obtain 2 GCSEs (this still covers topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics!) or they study the three Separate Science GCSEs.

In KS3 we assess our students using the Academy-wide assessment criteria, Purple Assessment Tasks. These are designed to ensure that, along with the lessons taught, we cover the entire KS3 curriculum. This provides an excellent foundation for our students to then achieve well in their GCSE’s. More detail of what is the KS3 can be found in the knowledge organisers on this web page.

At KS4 the AQA specification is both broad and deep and allows students to understand a range of key ideas from the scientific world in plenty of detail. Both the double award GCSE and the 3 separate science GCSEs provide a great grounding for studying science at A-level and beyond.

Students will come away with a wide range of skills from their education in the science department. These include problem solving, risk assessment, planning, evaluation and consolidation of many of the key mathematical skills including displaying data and working with equations.

After completing science GCSEs at TAA our students can move into a whole range of careers and further study. One of the main benefits of good science qualifications is that they make you very desirable to both universities and employers. GCSEs and A-levels in science will allow you to move onto study degrees in subjects such as engineering, genetics, midwifery, medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, sports science, nutrition science and forensic science (amongst a whole array of others!). You may want to move onto a more practical application of your skills and take part in an apprenticeship in, for example, engineering, where we also have extensive links with excellent employers such as Glaxo’s and MBDA. The business world is also very keen to recruit scientists so don’t rule out science when deciding the route of your future!

Teachers in the Science Department

  • Mrs K Bailey - Head of Department
  • Ms K Barfoot
  • Mr G Bagshaw
  • Ms A Brotherton
  • Mrs J Cooke
  • Ms S Emelianova
  • Ms J Flanagan
  • Ms S Jahan
  • Ms V Maddox
  • Mr T Liversidge
  • Mrs N Wilkins
  • Miss M Burgess
  • Mr M Wright
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