Key Stage 3 Science

Science Department

In science we aim to ensure that:

  • ·         we teach science in ways which promote enjoyment, interest and success, with practical work as an integral part of teaching and learning
  • ·         schemes of work encourage all pupils to become familiar with scientific knowledge and principles, to plan, carry out and evaluate their own                       investigations and to consider the wider implications of scientific developments
  • ·         activities are relevant, stimulating and accessible but challenging, with work appropriate to each individual’s ability and development
  • ·         assessment is fully incorporated as part of both teaching and learning
  • ·         the identities of biology, chemistry and physics are maintained within the science curriculum


Extracurricular activities:

A lunchtime the KS3 Whizz Bang Smell club runs during Tuesday lunchtime, and science trips, challenge events and special lectures run throughout the year. Recent activities have included The Big Bang Challenge and a CSI Day.

Topics covered in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9

Year 7 Topics  


Tissues and Transplants, Ecology Matters, Classified (Classification), Sex and Science 


What a waste(Particles), Acids and Alkalis, Materials from the Earth, Bubbles, Bangs and Burning  


Forces and Their Effects, The Solar System and Beyond, Electrical Circuits ;


  Year 8 Topics

The way of The Dodo (Adaptation), Animal Behaviour, A Model Career(Organ Systems and Diet), On The Farm (Plants and Photosynthesis), Going For Gold (Respiration and Essential Body Systems)  
Explaining The Earth, All that Glitters (Elements and Compounds), Flying Materials (Material Science), In The Drink (Mixtures)    
Energy and Sustainable Living, On The Move (Motion and Forces), Heat Transfers   

Year 9 Topics

CSI (Forensic Science in Biology)  
Sculpture Park (Chemical Reactions), Building for The Future (Metals and Rocks)  
Dam It (Forces and Pressure)