Key Stage 3 Science


Students follow the course developed by AQA and will cover the following units:

Year 7: Speed and Gravity, Energy costs and transfers, Forces and pressure, Current and Voltage, Sound and Light, Cells, Human reproduction, Interdependence, The Particle Model, Earth structure, Acids and Alkali’s.

Year 8: Chemical reactions, Climate change and the Earth, Periodic Table, Human genes, Evolution, Respiration, Photosynthesis, Breathing and digestion, Magnetism and electromagnets, Chemical energy.

Year 9: New Technology in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Turning Points in Chemistry and Biology, biomimicry (GCSE ready topic).

Start of GCSE Course after the Easter break in Year 9: GCSE Skills; Cell Biology; Atomic Structure and Bonding; Changes in Energy Stores; Energy Transfer and the Particle Model; Organisms and Disease.

Students will complete their Key Stage 3 course at the end of the Spring term (April) in Year 9. After the Christmas break students will begin to study the KS4 curriculum. Analysis of Internal assessment data will be used by staff to determine the suitability of the compatibility of students for studying Separate Sciences – formally known as ‘Triple Science’. Otherwise, students will study ‘Combined Science: Trilogy’. This course covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics. See Key Stage 4 course information for more details.

For students studying Separate Sciences, this course will take up one of their options allocations when they complete their Options following the completion of Year 9.

There will be Key Stage 3 throughout the year based on our data collection points, covering all the content from lessons that academic year. Outcomes from these assessments will be used to determine the setting of students when they enter Year 9.

Revision Guides:

Though these are not compulsory, we are using the new AQA KS3 spec. The CGP book with Exam Question Practice is retailed at £5.50, but if purchased through our library is around £3. We will highlight in lesson any recommended pages if required.

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