Young Carers at The Thomas Alleyne Academy

Hertfordshire recognises young carers as children and young people under the age of 18 years, who provide care to another family member, who has physical illness / disability; mental ill health; sensory disability or has a problematic use of drugs or alcohol. The level of care they provide would be usually taken on by an adult and as a result of this has significant impact on their normal childhood.

We at The Thomas Alleyne Academy fully support this by offering a club for identified Young Carers, Tuesday lunchtimes in C17.  The club offers fun activities, the time to chat with others in the same situation, and to offer guidance and support.  All Young Carers' details are confidential.


Am I A Young Carer?

The clubs are run by Mrs Hayman, Inclusion and Pastoral Support, and just she and the SENco need to know the background which makes a child a Young Carer.


Parents can ring the academy and ask to speak with to Mrs Hayman or Mrs Thompson, SENco if they feel their child fits this criteria, or the child themselves can come along to C20 for a chat at any time, or to the lunchtime club in C18. Assemblies have been given to year 7 and 8 so the students do have a clear understanding of what Young Carers are about, and there is an information board outside C20.


It is important for TAA to identify who of our students are Young Carers as it may impact heavily on school so we can then offer the support they need, however the students do not have to attend the clubs if they would prefer not too.