If your child is too unwell to attend the Academy, please call the main academy telephone number 01438 344344 and press option 2 or email attendance@tas.herts.sch.uk

Please inform the attendance officer on each day of absence and send a note of explanation in with your child on their return to the academy.

If your child has had vomiting or diarrhoea, we require them to stay away from school for 24 hours.

The government school attendance target is 95%. If you need support getting your child to school or have a question about attendance please contact Mrs Kirkby.


As a parent or carer, you should fill in this form if you need to request a leave of absence to take your child out of the academy during term time. Schools may authorise a leave of absence during term time only in ‘exceptional circumstances’ as any absence impacts directly on achievement. Parents or carers should not expect such leave to be granted as of right.  Permission will not be given if it is applied for after the leave of absence has taken place.

Normally, a student shall not be granted more than 10 days’ leave of absence in any academic year.  After completing the form, please return it to the Headteacher no less than three (3) weeks’ before the date when you want the period of absence to start.

The conditions under which a leave of absence may be granted are contained in Reg. 8 of The Education (Pupils Registration) Regulations 1995 and Sections 38-42 of School Attendance, Policy and Practice on Categorisation of Absence 2004.