Music and Drama

I was fortunate enough to accompany a team of staff and students to a fantastic performance of ‘Private Peaceful’ at the University of Hertfordshire yesterday evening.  Andy Daniel played the role of Private Peaceful and had us all gripped with a moving, tender and powerful 90 minute monologue. Staff and students were all seriously impressed with this production and I would recommend it to everyone.  Attending the performance last night reminded me of the power of live performances and the reason why we work hard to ensure our students have access to these opportunities.  At the end of a long half term, the trip last night was supported by colleagues from departments across the school showing the value our whole community place on the performing arts.


At the same time our school was hosting a musical performance by the choir, Shannon Express.  When we were approached as a venue for this show we instantly waived all hire fees as our school believes in supporting live music and encouraging our community to participate in the creative and performing arts.  As our coach arrived back at school we saw people leaving full of enthusiasm about the music they had heard.


At a time when school finances and performance tables are squeezing the arts out of many schools, we continue to place high value on the rich cultural experiences our students gain from music and drama.  We are looking forward to the upcoming student production of Romeo and Juliet and I am always pleased to hear the musical performances from every year 9 student as a culmination of their Key Stage 3 music studies. 


Personally, I know my life is continually enriched by the performing arts. I listen to music constantly and love nothing more than watching a live performance.  I also know that music and drama have helped shape the person and the leader that I am today. I wouldn’t have the work ethic, the confidence, the understanding of team work, the discipline and the empathy that I have today were it not for the lessons learnt from these subjects. They are definitely here to stay in our curriculum.