Our school has been fortunate this year to secure a place on the Herts for Learning ‘Great Expectations’ programme. This is a year-long course for good schools identified as demonstrating the necessary drive and ambition to become truly great education establishments.  We are proud that both Thomas Alleyne’s and Roebuck Academy have been selected for this programme.

 As part of the programme we are able to listen to a variety of speakers who both challenge and inspire us on a range of topics.  Yesterday we had an excellent presentation from Steve Radcliffe, one of Europe’s top leadership experts who provides coaching to Chief Executives of many top businesses and public sector organisations.  I particularly appreciated the way Steve kept his messages clear and simple – for example, the best leaders do three things; they focus on the future, always being up to something; they engage people to make them want to come with you; they deliver, making things happen.

Appropriately, as we near the end of the longest term and are engaged in the frenzy of  festive activity in our schools, our talk yesterday also focussed on the importance of energy.  Quoting the leadership expert, Druker, who said that ‘your first and foremost job is to manage your own energy and the energy of those around you’, Radcliffe went on to talk about four energies that teachers and education leaders need to cultivate and sustain. 

 -           Intellectual energy – the power of rational, logical, critical thought

-           Emotional energy – the ability to form deep, meaningful and warm relationships

-           Spirit energy – inspiring others, and aspiring towards positive goals. Breathing life into your classroom and organisation.

-           Physical energy – having the strength to do things and make things happen.

 I am sure many people are feeling their energy levels dip at this time of year.  Energy is contagious and it is important we all take time to think what are we going to do to re-energise both ourselves and those around us.  I’ve certainly reflected on which of those four domains I feel my energy level waning in and will be taking positive action to ensure I am able to start 2019 as the best leader I can possibly be.