Reasons To Be Proud

This week I have been privileged to lead discussions with our curriculum leaders and our governing body where we have reflected on our identity as a school.  Thanks to the fantastic efforts of our staff and students we have many reasons to be proud.

1)    We are a community school. We are at the heart of the town and we are proud of our heritage. We care about Stevenage and we support a wide range of community organisations and events.  Our Aim High Agenda and our five core values allow us to focus on producing positive and successful members of our community.

2)    We are an inclusive school. We support all students from all backgrounds. The opportunity to transform lives is a privilege we relish. We do amazing things to help individuals; for example, this week we have started daily minibus runs to collect nine vulnerable students and get them to school on time. From Easter we will be providing a free breakfast for every single member of our school.

3)    We have an amazing extra-curricular offer. Staff are committed to enhancing the experience of our students – we run clubs, trips, speakers, awards, events which are available to all students in all years and we do this successfully.

4)    Our careers education programme is superb. We have built strong and meaningful links with North Hertfordshire College, the University of Hertfordshire, Airbus, Adecco, Morrison Utility and many, many more employers. These are ensuring we offer genuinely impartial advice and guidance and we prepare students well for their next steps.

 5)    We are focussed on curriculum and the quality of education.  We offer a broad curriculum offer to our students for as long as possible (see last week’s blog on the extended project qualification!). The work we have done to identify curriculum mastery has brought intellectual rigour and quality to our planning and classroom delivery.

 While the education landscape around us is significantly changing, we are determined to hold true to the features outlined above.