Airbus Flying Challenge

On Monday morning we are going to be launching an exciting new opportunity for our current year 8 students.  The fantastic team at Airbus Defence and Space have agreed to work with Thomas Alleyne Academy to offer a year-long programme of activities designed to inspire and support selected students as they prepare for the world of work.  After weeks of planning, it will be a pleasure to watch Airbus staff speak to our students about the work they do at their Stevenage site, that includes work on the Mars Rover project.  Successful students will be part of a team that design and produce a robot that can be tested on the actual replica surface of Mars hidden in the Stevenage Airbus campus.  Alongside this project, students will be provided with mentors from the Airbus staff team who will work alongside them for 20 weeks as they are trained in the skills required to build their rover, and also the skills required to be successful in the workplace.  Students will also take part in inspirational visits to a number of university and employer campuses and a range of venues that will link to their project work.

 I know I’ve written a number of times about the opportunities we have created through our links with employers.  I am always overwhelmed by the generosity and enthusiasm shown by companies as they work alongside us to prepare the next generation for the world of work.  Employers constantly tell me that alongside relevant qualifications, they place huge importance on the development of the whole child. The ability to communicate effectively in writing and in person, the ability to work in teams and to demonstrate confidence, resilience and creativity are all attributes valued across all industry sectors.  As well as preparing our students for the very important examinations they will sit with us, we also have a vital role to play in developing the wider skills desired by all in our communities and workplaces.

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Mark Lewiscareer, airbus