Awards and Qualifications

This week I was given the opportunity to meet the board of Sports Leaders UK at their annual strategy meeting.  I have worked with Sports Leaders programmes in a range of ways during my career, including most recently a programme I ran with year 10 students last year to provide them a level 2 leadership qualification.  Teaching our students the wider leadership skills and qualities they require in adult life is something we, and many other schools, take very seriously.

I was asked about the factors we consider when deciding whether to offer awards and qualifications.  For us as a school there are several elements to this decision:

 1)    Curriculum: Does the award fit with the wider purpose of our curriculum offer? Does it meet with our core values and the knowledge and skills we have identified as crucial to the future success of our students?

2)    Content: Will the award inspire and engage our students? Will it provide them with new and exciting opportunities and experiences they might not otherwise access?

3)    Credibility: Is the award widely recognised? Do employers know about the award and do they value it as an achievement? Will it help prepare students for further and higher education pathways? Is it validated by Ofqual and recognised by Ofsted and the Department for Education?

4)    Cost: Does the award represent value for money? How much staff time will the award take to train, deliver, assess and moderate?

 We offer a wide range of qualifications and awards as a school. Many of these are exams based, including GCSEs, A-Levels and BTEC awards. Alongside the public examination results, many of our students are also able to build a wider portfolio of achievements during their time with us – music exams, Duke of Edinburgh awards, sports leadership qualifications, maths challenge certificates, our core values badges and awards and many, many more.  Every award we offer our students has been tested against the questions above before we decide to invest in this opportunity for our students.