Just Do It!

I was fortunate to attend the launch event for the Airbus Flying Challenge, which twenty of our year 9 students are participating in.  I’ve written about this amazing opportunity before – it includes twenty weeks with a business mentor from Airbus, culminating in the opportunity to design, build, programme and test a Mars Rover vehicle.

At the launch event we were privileged to hear from two inspirational speakers, Olympic athlete Kriss Akabusi MBE, and scientist, mountaineer and winner of ‘'Astronauts: Have You Got What It Takes?', Dr Suzie Imber.  Whilst both speakers have very different backgrounds and experiences, there were some common themes I hope our students took away from the talks.

Learn from other people and make connections: 

It was clear that both have worked with a huge range of people who have influenced their careers. Their lives and experiences had been enriched by other people in many different ways, and our students were told about the importance of making and keeping connections and respecting other points of view.

Take opportunities and try new things:

I was so inspired by the wide range of interests and experiences shared with the students. It was clear that Kriss and Suzie both have a can-do attitude and they encouraged our students to take advantage of every experience they are offered. From taking up rowing, to training with Olympic champions, both of our speakers were clear that you should say yes to every opportunity.

Your future is in your hands:

I often tell students that they will get what they deserve as a result – hard work and perseverance really does pay off. This was made totally clear by both speakers. Whilst they have had amazing success, they have both worked incredibly hard and had to overcome difficult moments to achieve their goals.  Success is earned through commitment, dedication and a positive attitude.

I am looking forward to seeing our students progress on this programme. If they follow the advice given by the two speakers at our launch event they will achieve huge success..