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Whole School Fun Run

The Fun Run is a fundraising event for the PE department and any funds raised will go towards improving current facilities or buying new equipment. Fun Run money has paid for the outdoor table tennis tables, new athletics vests, the bowling machine, trampolines, refurbishing the weights room and more.

Students pay a £2 entry fee into the race which will cover their non-uniform for the day, their medal as well as entry into the best costume competition. Students have also been given sponsorship forms to try and get friends or relatives to sponsor them in the run.

All students will report to their afternoon registration at 1.40 and be dismissed from school at 2.00 p.m.

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Year 10 GCSE Music - BrightSparks School’s Concert

Dear Parents and Carers

The LPO will perform a programme specially designed for GCSE students, focusing on music as a storytelling tool alongside other genres, specifically film and dance.

Important features of the music will be highlighted by a presenter alongside detailed projection for

students to take notes, and their attendance on this trip will be highly beneficial for their GCSE music


The total cost is £18.10 per student, which includes the concert ticket and return train fare.

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5:00 PM17:00

Year 10 & 11 Drama GCSE - Woman in Black

An evening performance of the play ‘The Woman in Black’ for all Year 10 and 11 Drama GCSE students.

Seeing live theatre is a mandatory part of the course as it is part of the written exam. Ideally students should see a wide range of theatre in order to enable them to fully prepare them for their exam so attending this performance, as well as ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ this term, will have a significant impact on our drama students’ ability to be successful in their GCSE exam.

The cost of the ticket, including transport to and from the theatre, will be £30.50.

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Year 9 & 10 - R.E. Visit - Holocaust Memorial Day Workshop

I have organised a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Day workshop on Wednesday 31st January 2018. The morning will be spent at the Jewish Museum in North London with a focus on The Holocaust gallery which provides an interesting and enlightening insight into Jewish life and history. The afternoon will be spent at Northwood United Synagogue listening to a survivor’s story and participating in the accompanying workshop.

This trip is open to all year 9 and 10 students and would be beneficial with regards to the Religious Studies GCSE in particular. As well as understanding the historic facts relating to the Holocaust, this is an ideal opportunity for students to recognise the relationship between the Holocaust and contemporary issues such as racism, bullying and discrimination.

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6:30 PM18:30

Parent information on online safety - led by Freedom From Abuse

We have a session for parents which covers, keeping your children safe online, child sexual exploitation, grooming, and risky behaviours in general, how to help your children stay safe.

If you are able to we would encourage you to attend. Freedom From Abuse have already been into Barclay and Barnwell, the parents feedback was overwhelmingly positive with many parents, students and staff saying it is the best training they have ever had.

More about the trainer can be found here.

We are running a crèche on Monday for any parents that have children whom they need to bring as they don't have childcare available, if this something you need please let Mrs Dowle know so she can add you to the list.

The session is from 6.30-8pm on Monday 21st January 2019.

Any parent that would like to discuss this further, the Safe Guarding Team will be available at Monday's session.

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Christmas Jumper/ Non-uniform Day

We are holding a non-uniform day to raise money for the Schools chosen charity and TASA this Friday.

Students are asked to pay £1.00 to wear a Christmas jumper as part of their non-uniform or £2.00 to wear non- uniform without a Christmas jumper.  Students should hand their money into their Form Tutors in morning registration.

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Year 12 Science - “GenerationeXt Day 2018” at Roche

Our Year 12 science students have been invited to Roche's GenerationeXt event taking place on Friday 16th November 2018 in Welwyn Garden City ( Hexagon Place, Falcon Way, Shire Park,Welwyn Garden City AL7 1TW).

GenerationeXt Day is a mix of keynote presentations and workshops, all designed to inspire, excite and encourage students to pursue further education and a career in science.

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Whole School 'Alleyne's Readers' Event

Alleyne’s Readers’ is the largest club in our academy, including every single member of the Thomas Alleyne community. This annual school-wide reading project is part of our continual drive to share our love of reading across the school.

This year, we are going to focus on the author Michael Morpurgo, and the students will be spending time later this week choosing which book they would like to read from the following selection:

 The Mozart Question

 Private Peaceful

 War Horse

 Alone on a Wide Wide Sea

Each of these books focuses on an aspect of either WW1 or WW2 and their reading of their chosen book will form the basis of our ‘Alleyne’s Readers’ event on Friday 9th November. On this day, we will be collapsing our curriculum during lessons 3, 4 and 5 and the students will work in their tutor groups to engage in a wide range of activities based on the theme of conflict.

The students will also be spending a number of sessions during tutor time over the coming weeks focusing on many aspects of their reading. This will include learning more about the experiences of those affected by the world wars, the impact of conflict and resolution and about Morpurgo himself. His uncle, Francis Cammaerts, is a former head teacher of The Thomas Alleyne Academy, and this will give us a chance to discover more about the heritage of our wonderful school too.

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