The Designated Senior Person’s (DSP) role is to safeguard the students and staff, support with mental wellbeing and provide emotional support to students in need. The DSP’s at The Thomas Alleyne Academy are:

  • Mr Devon Woolley - Lead DSP

  • Mr Mark Lewis - DSP

  • Mrs Melanie Cook - DSP

  • Mr Klaas Luchies _ DSP

  • Mrs Katie Bailey - DSP


If you are a professional who has a concern or referral to discuss with the safeguarding team please contact us on

All the DSP’s have access to this email and will respond as soon as possible.

If you are a parent that has a safeguarding concern regarding your child or someone else's child please contact the HOY or call the academy on 01438 344 344 to discuss with the safeguarding team.


If your child is having difficulties with their learning which is not related to their behaviour you can contact the SENco Simon Backhouse or the Assistant SENco Sylvia Hall to discuss your concerns and any additional needs your child may have, or you feel they may have. Mr Backhouse is also the designated teacher for children looked after (CLA), if you are a foster carer, social worker, your child is adopted or you need any assistance with supporting your child who is in care, please contact Mr Backhouse -

The pastoral team has special responsibility for providing support to the children and their families who may find home, school, relationships and managing their feelings difficult. Our team work closely with all external agencies to improve outcomes for our families. If you have any behavioural concerns, attendance, attitude to learning or their general wellbeing, please contact the Head of Year, Student Support Worker, or the Inclusion and Pastoral Support Advisor.

Year 7

  • HOY - Mrs K McDowall

  • SSW - Ms M Honeygan-Matthew

Year 8

  • HOY - Mr N Islam

  • SSW - Mrs Honeygan-Matthew

Year 9

  • HOY - Mrs A Humphrey

  • SSW - Mr A Whittle

Year 10

  • HOY - Ms D Kwiatowski

  • SSW - Mrs L Swain

Year 11

  • HOY - Mr M Smith

  • SSW - Mrs L Swain

Sixth Form

  • HOY - Ms J Lewis

  • SSW - Ms G Newbury

Inclusion and Pastoral Support Advisor is Mrs C Hayman

Contact email - FAO the person you wish to contact, or call the academy on 01438 344 344.


There may be times when you are concerned about your child’s mental wellbeing these websites, apps and agencies can help to support your child and the whole family.


  • Headspace

  • Silvercloud

  • Hapier

  • Calm Harm

  • Stay Alive


  • for online counselling and emotional support.

  • For advice, information and support.

  • (males only)

  • (females only)

  • bereavement support.




  • Childline - 0800 1111

  • Samaritans - 116 123

  • Family Lives - 0808 800 2222

  • SANELine - 0300 304 7000


  • Tilehouse counselling

  • 5th Avenue counselling

The Thomas Alleyne Academy does have a school counsellor - To discuss if your child would benefit from working with the school counsellor please contact the pastoral team.

The mental health Lead at The Thomas Alleyne Academy is Mr Woolley.

You can also discuss any concerns with the pastoral team.