If you wish to contact a member of staff, staff email addresses are in the following format – staff surname, followed by staff first name initial (no spaces) @tas.herts.sch.uk

For example Mr J Doe’s email would be doej@tas.herts.sch.uk

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Lewis
Head Teacher & Managing Director of Hart Schools Trust                

Mrs M Cook       
Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs K Bailey
Assistant Head Teacher – Careers, STEM and Pupil Premium and Head of Science

Mr K Luchies 
Assistant Head Teacher, Outcomes, Centre QN

Mrs H Russell        
Assistant Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning 

Mr D Woolley
Assistant Head Teacher, Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare

Heads of Department     

Mr M Andrews
Head of ICT, Form Tutor 7F2

Mr S Backhouse

Mrs K Bailey
Head of Science & SLT member

Ms S Cowen
Head of Drama, Form Tutor 7D2

Mr K Davey
Head of Boys PE, Form Tutor 11D1

Ms K Durrance

Head of MFL, Form Tutor 11N1

Ms B Gibbins
Head of Technology, Form Tutor 7N2

Mr S Hayden
Head of History, Form Tutor 11F2

Mrs N Hinch
Head of Girls PE, Form Tutor 8N1

Mrs J Humberstone
Head of RE, Form Tutor 10N1

Ms V Leahy
Head of English

Ms D Levett
Head of Geography, Form Tutor 9F3

Ms J Lewis
Head of Sixth Form Consortium, Form Tutor (Post 16)

Mrs C Merser
Head of Music, Form Tutor 8F2

Mrs R Nair
Head of Mathematics

Pastoral Support                      

Mrs L Dowle
Inclusion Manager and DSP

Ms M Honeygan-Matthew
Student Support Key Stage 3 (Year 7 & 8) 

Miss K Howes
Student Support Key Stage 3 (Year 8 & 9) 

Mr N Islam
Head of Year 7, Transition 

Ms D Kwiatkowski
Head of Year 9

Ms K McDowall   
Head of Year 8 

Mr M Smith
Head of Year 10  

Mrs L Steadman
Head of Year 11 and Associate SLT member

Ms K Stevens
PA to Mr Woolley and Attendance Officer 

Ms L Swain
Student Support Key Stage 4 

Support Staff (Teaching Assistants)

Ms S Birch
Teaching Assistant 

Mrs L Carson
Teaching Assistant

Mr M Crowley
Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hall
Teaching Assistant/Assistant SENCO

Mrs C Hayman                                   
Inclusion and Pastoral Support

Support Staff (Site)

Mr A Campion
Estates Manager for Hart Schools Trust 

Mr P Gardner

Mr A Mallam

Mr S Ramsey

Acting Estates Manager for Hart Schools Trust

Support Staff (Technicians)

Ms M Ferraioli
Art, Design & Technology Technician

Ms N Mallett
P/T Hospitality and Food Technology Technician

Mr S Parker
ICT Network Manager

Mrs S Pike
Science Technician

Ms S Ward
Science Technician 

Teaching Staff

Mr G Bagshaw
Second in Science, Form Tutor 9N2

Ms K Barfoot
Science P/T, Form Tutor 10D1

Ms A Brotherton
Science, Form Tutor 9D1

Ms E Brown
Humanities, Form Tutor 10N2

Mr D Bryant
Cover Supervisor/Music, Form Tutor 9F1

Ms P Brynley-Jones
MFL P/T, Form Tutor 8D2

Mrs E Buckley
Science, Form Tutor 7N3

Ms M Burgess
Science, Form Tutor 8D3

Miss K Burke
English, Form Tutor 10D3

Mr T Carr
PE Apprentice

Ms S Christopherson
Sixth Form

Mr M Cox
English, Form Tutor 9D2

Mr F Davies 

Mr B Dosanjh
Mathematics, Form Tutor 10F1

Ms J Flanagan
Science P/T, Form Tutor 10D1

Mr B Fox
English, Form Tutor 8D1

Mr A Gitto
Business & Computer Science, Form Tutor 8N2

Ms M Haydon
English, Form Tutor 11D2

Miss K Humes
MFL, Form Tutor 7D1

Ms A Humphrey
PE, Form Tutor 7F1

Mr N Islam

Mrs S Jahan       

Ms D Kwiatowski

Mr J Luchies

Ms V Maddox
Science, Form Tutor 9F2

Mr S Makinde
Technology, Form Tutor 8F1

Mrs K McDowall

Mr T McWalter
Sixth Form

Mr M Mufushwa

Mrs R Nair

Ms G Newbery
Sixth Form

Mrs E O'Donnell
English, Form Tutor 10F2

Mr J Posner
English/Media Studies, Form Tutor (Post 16)

Ms T Rickards
Cover Supervisor

Ms T Robson
Lead Teacher for Business Studies

Mr A Smith
Second in English, Form Tutor 9N1

Mr M Smith

Mrs L Steadman

Ms C Sweeney
Humanities, Form Tutor 10D2

Mr P Thompson
PE, Form Tutor 11N2

Miss J Tomlins
Science, Form Tutor 7N1

Mrs N Visser
Drama P/T, Form Tutor 8D2

Ms A Wellings
Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator and GCSE PE Teacher

Mr M Wright
Science, Form Tutor 11F1

Ms M Wilcock
Mathematics, Form Tutor 10D2

Support Staff (Admin)

Mrs K Bird
Data Manager 

Mrs L Brooke
Finance Assistant P/T

Mrs S Clark
Secretary to Mrs Russell /Department Administrator

Ms J Cooke
Hart Schools Trust Timetable Co-ordinator and School Governor

Mrs L Gray

Miss L Huckett
PA to Mrs Cook and Cover Manager

Ms N Kirkby              
Secretary to Mr Luchies /Department Administrator 

Mrs G Newbery
Student Support Key Stage 5, Outreach Coordinator & Form Tutor (Post 16)

Mrs D Perry
Reprographics/Admin Support

Mrs K Prince
PA to Mr Lewis

Mrs S Sanderson

Ms A Skotnicka
Examinations Officer